welcome to your  neighborhood great room!


South Bay's newest premium social gathering and dining experience.  Come relax in the lounge or have a party with us!

The Great Room Cafe opened in November 2016 by a Redondo Beach family for the local South Bay families! With everyone’s busy schedules and easy planning in mind, we have designed a fun social venue for the whole family!  TGR creates a carefree experience with playrooms that are intended for the younger patrons and the still-young-at heart, while the lounge and dining space can be enjoyed by everyone with a good meal and a glass of wine!  Dads can catch a game with their buddies and beer or mommies can catch up with friends while the kids play in their own space. 


contact us

424-255-TGR1 (8471)



2810 Artesia Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA 90278



M-Th, Su 8a–10p
F-Sa 8a–11p





Email us to check availability and add food/drinks from our Party Menu

Outside Cakes are allowed, No other outside food or drinks please

Both Play Rooms are always open to the public

All areas and activities are subject to availability


FRI-SUN: $395, MON-THUR: $350

Includes up to 20 children, $8 per additional

2 - hour use of the Party Room OR the Large Lounge Section

20 - Play Room Access Passes

3 - 16” Cheese OR Pepperoni pizzas (approximately 16 squares each)

3 - Pitchers of Fountain Soda OR 1 Pitcher of Fountain Soda & 16 juice boxes

(pitchers include 1 refill)

Includes the use of projector equipped theatre (in Party Room only)

Add Food and Drinks from our Party Menu


Party Room - $75/hour Friday-Sunday, $50/hour Monday -Thursday

Large Lounge Section (long left side as you walk in) - $75/hour Friday-Sunday,

$50/hour Monday -Thursday

The Whole Lounge Area - $100/hour Friday-Sunday, $75/hour Monday -Thursday

Space rentals do not include access to the play rooms

Play Room Access Passes - $8/child age 1+

Add Food and Drinks from our Party Menu


MON-SUN: $200

Includes up to 13 children (can accommodate up to 28 for an additional $8 per child)

1 - hour use of the Party Room OR the Large Lounge Section

Ice Cream Sundae for each athlete up to 13 children

13 - Play Room Access Passes

Add Food and Drinks from our Party Me


Fundraisers for schools, leagues, teams, clubs & community organizations

Available for Private Events, Baby Showers, Movie Nights, Paint Party, Meet Ups, Girls Night Out, Dads Outing and more!


Q.  Can I make reservations other than party reservations?  A. Certainly!  Just call (424)999-1333 or email us at and let us know if you’d like to reserve a lounge section, table or booth!

Q. How much are the playroom passes?  Can the kids go into both rooms? A. The playroom passes are $10/first child and $8/siblings.  They can access both rooms.

Q. Are there any days where the kids’ playrooms are cheaper? A. On Mondays, the playrooms are $5  

Q. Is there a time limit to the playrooms? A. Technically, yes.   We do have a 2-hour limit but we have not had to enforce it.  Some families stay for 3 to 4 hours if it’s not busy!  If we are at capacity, we will unfortunately have to enforce the time limit.

Q. Do I get a discount if there’s only an hour left before closing? A. Sure, just ask!

Q.  What is the age limit for the play rooms? A. We don’t have an age limit.  All kids are welcome to use the large game room.  The toddler room is for kids 5 and under.  Children under 4 will need to be supervised by their parent or guardian at all times.

Q. Do you have childcare? A. No.  We have staff that check in to ensure the kids are playing safely and nicely.  They are not sitters.

Q. Do you have Wi-Fi? A. Yes and it’s free with purchase!

Q.  Do you have a party package? A. The party package is $395 + tax.  (Please refer to Party Info.)

Q.  How many kids does the party package include?  A.  16 kids.  Any additional child over age 1 will be $8.

Q. How many people can fit in the party room?  A. The party room can fit about 20 kids and 20 adults.  If you need more room, we will reserve a section of the lounge area for the parents to be able to hang out there as well at no additional charge.

Q. How many people fit in the “large” lounge section? A. The “large” lounge section consists of the three lounge sections on the left as you walk in.  This area fits approximately 45 guests and it is $50/hour Mon-Thur and $75/hour Fri-Sun.  If you need more room, you can rent the whole lounge area.  Call or email us for details.

Q.  Can I reserve the party room and not order food? A. Yes, the party room is $75/hour on F-SUN and $50/hour M-TH, 2 hours minimum.

Q. Is there a food minimum for a party reservation? A. Nope, it’s totally up to you!

Q.  Does the party room have a projector? A. Yes, it has a projector and a computer so you can bring photos on a flash drive or we can play movies, sports, TV, YouTube, etc.

Q. Does the party room have a sound system? A. Yes, It is a THX & Dolby Atmos certified system and we can play music of your choice.

Q. Can I reserve the lounge area instead of the party room as part of the party package?A. Yes!  We can reserve up to three lounge sections for parties.  

Q. How is the party food served? A. We lay the food out buffet style.  The food comes out approximately 30 minutes after the party starts so it gives time for your guests to arrive.

Q. Do I have to pre-pay for all the play room passes for parties? A. No, we know that some guests may not be able to attend at the last minute, we will have a final headcount on the day of the party.

Q. When do I need to submit my party food/drink order? A. We will email you a reminder to order your additional food/drinks a few days before the party.  Once we receive it, we will email you a quote.

Q. Do you provide utensils, cups and tablecloths for the party? A.  We have plain paper plates, plastic cups, plastic utensils, napkins and white paper tablecloths.  You may use ours or bring your own.  Most families bring their own tablecloths and cake plates.

Q. What type of decorations are allowed? A. You can be as creative as you’d like as long as you use scotch tape on the walls and you take the decorations down before you leave.

Q. Can we have a special theme? A .We’ve seen it all!  You can go all out or just come in, it’s up to you!  We’ve had everything from clowns, magicians, photo booths, dance parties, Pokémon training to a real-life petting zoo!

Q. Do the party reservations include decorations?  If not, can I decorate? A. We do not provide any themed decorations.   However, you may decorate the party room or the reserved lounge area if you remove them after the party.  Balloons and banners are the most popular, please only use scotch tape on walls.

Q.  Can I come early to decorate?  A. The private room or the reserved lounge area will be available to you 30minutes to 1 hour before the party.  You will also have about 30 minutes to remove the decorations and presents after the party.

Q.  Can we hire a face painter, balloon artist, magician, etc.? A. Yes!  They can entertain in the party room since that room is private for you or in your reserved section ofthe lounge.

Q.  Are the playrooms private for parties? A. No, our playrooms are always open to the public as we are a restaurant and we want the other kids to enjoy the rooms as well.Believe it or not, kids really play well together! 

Q. Can I bring my own food and drinks? A.  No, we are a restaurant and per Health Department regulations, we cannot allow outside food except for birthday cake.

Q. Can I bring my own wine with a corkage fee? A.  No, we have wine and beer for purchase.

Q. Do we have a dedicated party coordinator during our party? A. During the event, our staff will be in and out to make sure you have everything you need from the beginning to end, and there will always be someone available to help.  We won’t be there the whole time looking over your shoulder, so just relax and make yourself at home!

Q. Can we drink beer and/or wine in the party room? A. Yes you can! 

Q.  Can adults play in the playrooms?  Do they have to pay? A. Adults sometimes have more fun in there!  Parents of kids with passes do not have to pay additional, but remember to play nice with the kids!

Q. Can we order additional food during the party if needed? A. Of course!  Some party dishes may take a bit longer but you are welcome to add on to your order.

Q. How is the parking? A. We have 50+ parking spaces.

Q. What's the best way of pre-ordering food/drinks for the party? A. Email us at and we will send you a custom quote.

Q. When is a fee required to reserve space? A. There is a charge of $75/hour on Fri-Sun and $50/hour on Mon-Thur if you need to reserve more than 2 sections of the lounge area for more than 1.5 hours.

Q.  Is there a deposit for reserving parties? A. For an average get together with friends, no.  But, if you are planning a real party with pre-ordered party menu, reserving 3 lounge sections or the party room for more than 2 hours, yes.

Q. Is gratuity included? A. Nope, gratuity is totally up to you but we hope you’re feeling tipsy!

Q. Do we have to pay for the kids to play if we are paying for a large party reservation?  A. Yes, unless your party comes with packaged play passes.

Q. What food items can we bring to the party? A. You may bring cakes, cupcakes, decorated desserts, specialty desserts and specialty candy.

Q.  Can I reserve the party room for business meetings? A. Yes, you name it!  We’ve had breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, dinner meetings, meet & greets, girl scout meetings to City Council meetings.